About Me

I have been painting for well over twenty years now and I find such joy on this painting journey. By sharing all the things that I have learned, I have had the opportunity to paint with some wonderful artists along the way.

 I now run a weekly Friday Painting Class, plus  a few yearly workshops where painting pals are made, who return year after year.

My medium of choice is watercolour although I do paint in acrylic as well, and my subject passions are flowers and animals mainly, but always in a loose manner . Colour plays a huge part in our classes as it is a passion of mine, and we often have talks on colour choices and why.

I am not a student/teacher person, preferring to say that we are all painting along together as artists, regardless of experience as I strongly believe we can all learn from one another . I call it the circle of sharing with no link more important than another . I am a fun person and we laugh a lot, it’s about the joy of painting for us all, watching the magic happen.

Taking the what if I try this approach, is usually the route I take….we learn far more by experimenting with our work than anything else and I try to create an atmosphere of discussion, collaboration and debate where we all share our ideas and thoughts. I am not a neat painter at all, and although I do like you to recognise the subject, I prefer to create a wow factor based on colour and tone and design which is what you will learn by coming to my workshops.

If this approach would suit you I invite you to PAINT ALONG WITH BEV