August Workshop Painting

This is my August workshop painting , Watercolour on Arches 140 not , using texture . We will have a black and white tonal image to work from , and people can use the colours I have chosen or the colours they prefer , nothing I like better than someone using their own choice of colour combination .I work from life or a photograph which ever gives me the inspiration and information , then I do a drawing , and often leave out much of what is in front of me , by the time I have done my tonal it often looks nothing like that photograph , but that’s its job , to inspire the painting , not for the painting to reproduce the photograph , no point in that , for me anyway , everyone must follow their own idea of what makes a painting , this is just my preference , it may not be everyone’s , in fact that is the great thing about art , all the different ways of using that information before you , make it your own . A messy workshop will not be for everyone .
But I am grateful to those who like to travel this messy path and paint along with myself and like minded people .
I look forward to hearing what you think . Happy Painting BEV

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