Bev Wells First Blog

Welcome to my first ever ,blog.

The thing that excites me to begin a painting,is normally when the color of a subject catches my eye ,and I think ,wow I love that Yellow ,or that Blue .
I don’t try to follow all that I see,but use the first wow.
As I did yesterday ,when I saw bright Happy Yellow Daffodil’s
Such a lovely cheerful sunny color.

I decided to get out my Fluid Acrylics, and see how they would behave used as watercolor on my Arches paper.
I would not frame this painting ,but thought you may like to see the steps taken.
Happy Painting Bev

  • Starting first washes ,wet in wet
  • adding some detail
  • adding the dark’s , and a fiddle or two











  1. June Burrell says:

    Hi Bev

    So impressed with your first blog and the painting looks great. I cant believe it is done in acrylics, hope you bring it along to the class tomorrow for us to look at. xx

    • Bev says:

      Hi Judith thank you so much for dropping by ,and it is the wizard who did my site , I can do it but he has given me the thing to do it , I was a little worried but it will get easier . And getting out the Fluid Acylics again was fun
      Happy Painting Bev

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