Cockerel Painting 

Painting trying to break the cage ,as I call it . A drawing closes the subject encouraging a fill it in type of painting , I try to break as many of these caged lines as I can , to let the image come freely from its cage .But still keeping the essence of the subject .Watercolour on Arches 140 not , I don’t know if you can see the gauze .

Happy Painting Bev 

Watercolour with texture

Enjoying adding texture to my watercolours , this time my painting idea was taken from a holiday photograph that I took last year .

I walked past this farm building every morning with my dog , although I didn’t see it quite like this , I have the photograph for reality .
Showed my husband and he replied  I like it but its a bit weird !
Anymore artists out there that relate to that answer .

When I started to paint , I always tried my hardest to copy what it was that I wanted too paint .What was in front of me , or copy the photograph
Nothing wrong with that .
But that became like  a colouring book experience , and I wanted more than that , so I started out on what I call , a messy journey .So now I have the photograph and the painting to remind me of my holiday , and I am loving every minute of this messy journey



March Workshop

Hello and welcome to my blog , I haven’t posted in a while .
I have become fed up painting flowers in the same way , so I am starting out on a new path , while still keeping to my first love , painting flowers , animals are a close second , with buildings creeping in .
I am interested in SHAPE -COLOUR – TONE and COMPOSITION. 
Here I still have recognisable , I hope flowers , with interesting shapes and texture running through the background , and this time a balanced palette .
I plan to post more often now ,new paintings and why , I welcome your opinion on this journey .

I am not interested in seeing the whole story , as in a flower has to have a leaf or a stem , it is just a shape , I can get the normal stuff from life and photographs , why try to duplicate that , I want to create something of a different view , like when looking into the flames of a fire , I see lots of dancing shapes , I try not to call them flames , that’s a normal view , see castles and rich yellows , oranges , reds , contrasted by the dark coals , or rich brown woods .
And do not get me started on clouds , you get my meaning .
That is it this time , bye for now .



Messy lilacs in Watercolour

The Lilacs in the gardens are looking lovely ,as I walk my dog in the morning, so I feel a Messy Lilac painting coming on.
So trying to photograph the lilacs at the same time as Duke (my dog)wants to sniff every inch I am standing on , i finally get some good shots .
Home and up in my art room , I think about the shapes , color , and composition .
Having decided on these , I have chosen Winsor Blue Red shade ,Winsor Violet ,Sap Green, and New Gamboge
Sorted out my approach , and here goes.

I hope you will leave me your comments , good , or bad , art is about sharing Ideas and thoughts.


  • First washes wet in wet , no drawing , yet
  • Finding shapes , if you need to draw them in do so , I have not this time .
  • Adding the flower details
  • The fun stage where I really play with my tones and messy marks , I enjoy this stage the best .

Watercolor Roses

Welcome to my Fourth Watercolor Blog

Painting Roses without painting each petal, I drew the roses in pencil until I understood their shapes.
Then I worked out my composition , with a value plan , Planned my colors to suit me, not what is in front of me , I often work from black and white photographs for just this reason . Once these are chosen I am  ready to paint .

I didn’t not put all of my drawing onto my paper just a few shapes , but I had my pencil drawing to refer to as I needed to , I do not rely on my photograph   , or rose , once I have my composition ,
and colors chosen , I no longer need the reference , in fact it would detract from my plan , I am not going to paint to resemble the photograph , or subject , just use the information they have given me to create a painting.

The colors chosen this time were Red Purple , Indian Yellow ,and Indigo , not a bright palette , but I liked the balance this time , I like to choose different color combinations  so the color choices do not become predictable.


  • Starting to find my Shapes
  • Finding my way around the shapes
  • Following my value plan and adding the final touches


Welcome to my third Blog
This painting is for my April Workshop
I have chosen what I think is a nice color combination , just because leaves are Green ! we do not have to paint them Green .
I took some photographs of the clematis growing in a friends garden , yes they were dark purple , I haven’t painted them that color at all .
And the paintings background certainly doesn’t look like my friends garden , the photograph did a great job of that , I don’t want to reproduce the photograph image nor the garden image , but use both to create a painting .
I use what inspires me , and work out a composition , with a tonal plan , choose my colors , and away I go .
I am lucky that the people who kindly come along to paint together , know by now , I am not going to paint in the normal expected fashion , as if, I can hear them say .
The colors I have chosen this time are :- Winsor Violet  :- Indigo :- Quinacridone Gold :- Brilliant Purple or :- Quinacridone Magenta.
I hope you like the result , and please leave me some feed back , I am new to this Blog lark , and if you think it is worth doing them I will continue to post the process of my paintings .

  • First Background Washes
  • Looking for shapes
  • Punching the negative shapes











Watercolor Blog

Well here is my second blog.
Last Friday in class ,we were having fun with choosing a new palette as we often do.
So here are the purples ,greens,,and gold ,and those in between.
I like to draw my subject ,and choose a composition ,tonal plan ,all before I start to paint .
With this information , I can then go ahead and paint in a free way , I do not like to put a complete drawing onto my watercolor paper ,then paint .
That can cause a, fill it in process for me ,which I do not enjoy anymore .
I like to see a bit of a mess ,not neat illustration.
Good job we are all different .
Here are the stages of my latest painting, please reply and add your comments good or bad ,painting and sharing with like minded artists  is why I am doing this blog .
Until next time .

  • Background
  • Starting to find shapes
  • Adding shapes
  • Pulling it all together

Bev Wells First Blog

Welcome to my first ever ,blog.

The thing that excites me to begin a painting,is normally when the color of a subject catches my eye ,and I think ,wow I love that Yellow ,or that Blue .
I don’t try to follow all that I see,but use the first wow.
As I did yesterday ,when I saw bright Happy Yellow Daffodil’s
Such a lovely cheerful sunny color.

I decided to get out my Fluid Acrylics, and see how they would behave used as watercolor on my Arches paper.
I would not frame this painting ,but thought you may like to see the steps taken.
Happy Painting Bev

  • Starting first washes ,wet in wet
  • adding some detail
  • adding the dark’s , and a fiddle or two