Chinese Lanterns

Friday Class demonstration , I thought I would share what is going on in our class these days  with you , Jane had brought some Chinese lanterns along with her to paint this week , we are never quite sure where the inspiration will come from on a Friday , as the class is full of painting pals who share ideas and thoughts each week , often we see something and then change our minds completely as we like another persons idea better .
That is what happened this week , thank you Jane .

So its composition ideas  , texture thoughts , colour choices , and my favourite WHAT IF WE DO THAT . And then we paint . Sometimes its a bin job , I have plenty of those and sometimes we quite like how it turns out , but either way its the journey that matters , to worry about getting it right is a real strain on creativity we do try to follow our muse .
I do hope that  you will  enjoy looking at the results of this weeks  Fridays Class 


Autumm Leaves

Out Walking My dog this morning leaves rustle as we walk , so many lovely colours , so I picked up a few and took them home with us , and this afternoon had a splash about in Watercolour on my paper of choice Arches 140 not .
I didn’t want a botanically correct depiction of these rusty beautiful leaves , just a feeling of them  rustling around our feet , so I splashed a bit and broke up some of those neat edges ,then I thought lets drop some paint in big blobs , I love the what if I do this stage , just being messy , then thought I would suggest a few words , okay I know It is a bit obvious  Autumn  ! But I didn’t add all the Letters !!!!!!!  just  the what if was tickling in   my ear ,maybe I should add a few words ., just a few I didn’t add them all !!!!! 
I have enjoyed my walk and also the  splash about in the art room later .

I do  hope that  you enjoy looking at my painting 



Collage and Teasels

I had decided to try some more Collage work with my watercolours , I like the messy with a little of the neat , and a harmony in colour , I thought I would share this with you and had so much fun painting this which is half sheet size , lots of What will happen if I do this , what will it look like if I splash a bit etc , a real fun journey .
Normally I have a tonal plan worked out before I do a painting .
This time , I found the subject that inspired me then I sorted out my colours . In fact I ended up doing two paintings I was having so much fun .  using the same subject .

I hope you enjoy looking at these  HAPPY PAINTING BEV 

Shady Lady

I have called this painting Shady Lady , as a friend and Friday Class Girl Judith, posted her holiday photographs on good old face book  , I fell in love with those turquoise pots , wanted one , think I would have had to buy one , and she was photographed looking very cool in her shades and straw hat , maybe she would sample a glass of wine, and in Italy well who doesn’t like Italian Ice cream , so I thought why not do a still life painting  using Judith’s holiday photographs,  to include these items , definitely those pots , in fact I don’t think it will be my last , memory still life painting  ,as I have so enjoyed painting this . I am definitely not a neat painter but wanted some structure , I have tried to break the caged image of the subjects , but I didn’t want them to not be the colours of the holiday , so I hope that a balance has been reached  , and that it will remind Judith of her holiday . I am now thinking of a memory or two of my own holiday , how about you ?
It is Watercolour on Arches 140 not my paper of choice , please let me know what you think of this idea .
Happy Painting BEV 

Honesty in Watercolour

Last Friday one of our class had brought in some honesty from her garden , well that’s how things happen in our class , oh what a great idea we said , and here is the result .
Some experimenting , and many ideas , to arrive at the finished painting , I have started to post a few step by step lessons and may add this painting .
Its great to see so much art on the internet , and I do hope that you enjoy this painting using the simple shapes to create, what I hope is  a pleasing image .
I would love to hear what you think 




Walking My dog I am often looking into the gardens as I pass by , and seeing the lovely Lace cap Hydrangeas growing in a garden , I went back later with my camera and sketch book , They were pink , but then I only use their shapes to take my inspiration from , sometimes I will use their colour , other times change what I see in front of , me after all I have my photograph , its not my plan to reproduce that .
I have done a step by step lesson that shows my journey through this painting , if that would interest you please follow the link to my web site .

As  I haven’t planned any workshops this year , this is one way that I can share ideas and processes , please let me know if you think that this is a good idea .



Hello Everyone , I haven’t planned any workshops for this year , having been asked to-do so , I thought that I would post some step by step lessons that you can download as PDF files , or contact me if you need a Word Doc instead .
This is Watercolour on Arches not 140lb my paper of choice , also you can let me know how you get on with the step by step by leaving your comments , 

I am not sure if this will be a good idea , but it is one way that we can paint together 


Please go to my website and click on the Step by Step Lesson Button 

Messy Geraniums

I love this time of the year , potting bright Geraniums always says summer time to me .
I have done this on Arches 140 not , my favourite watercolour paper to work on , using watercolour and with  splashes of gouache .
No drawing to start with just a tonal  plan , as always .
My favourite saying Fail to plan , Plan to Fail .not always , but with a plan you have some idea of where to place your paint , and what areas to leave free of paint .

Once the first washes were established , I started making small pencil marks where I wanted different elements , not draw it paint it , in fact I ignore the pencil marks more often than not , but they were a guide .

Then its the splash it and have fun time , after that its the bin or frame , this time it was a frame , but either way , the joy is in the painting , when it works out that’s a bonus .
But always a journey worth taking as you learn as much from the bin , you should see my bin .

Happy Painting Bev 

Walk in the Wood

I Love to paint , flowers and animals mainly , so this is a change of subject for me , still using watercolour , and Arches 140 not watercolour paper ,
And I hope still messy , this is our Friday Class painting for this week , where I hope the Friday Girls will enjoy having a walk in the wood ,painting as a step by step together , colours can be changed , as I hardly ever use the colours in front of me , I work from a black and white tonal plan , so colour can be your own choice , just because the grass is green , you don’t have to paint it green , you are artistically free to use the colour you want to , its not an illustration , It is a painting , inspired by the view .
Some neat areas , but lots of messy stuff as well ,
I thought I would share this painting with you .

Happy Painting BEV 

October Workshop

October Workshop subject 

Watercolour on Arches 140 not paper , my paper of choice , this time we will be using pattern and shape  to show our subject , orchid , but really the painting is about pattern and shape the subject not the main player , and I change the colours to suit my taste of the day , it is not an illustration , I doubt you would find this growing in your garden , I so enjoyed painting this .
Lots of mark making , and wet into wet .