Messy Geraniums

I love this time of the year , potting bright Geraniums always says summer time to me .
I have done this on Arches 140 not , my favourite watercolour paper to work on , using watercolour and with  splashes of gouache .
No drawing to start with just a tonal  plan , as always .
My favourite saying Fail to plan , Plan to Fail .not always , but with a plan you have some idea of where to place your paint , and what areas to leave free of paint .

Once the first washes were established , I started making small pencil marks where I wanted different elements , not draw it paint it , in fact I ignore the pencil marks more often than not , but they were a guide .

Then its the splash it and have fun time , after that its the bin or frame , this time it was a frame , but either way , the joy is in the painting , when it works out that’s a bonus .
But always a journey worth taking as you learn as much from the bin , you should see my bin .

Happy Painting Bev 

Walk in the Wood

I Love to paint , flowers and animals mainly , so this is a change of subject for me , still using watercolour , and Arches 140 not watercolour paper ,
And I hope still messy , this is our Friday Class painting for this week , where I hope the Friday Girls will enjoy having a walk in the wood ,painting as a step by step together , colours can be changed , as I hardly ever use the colours in front of me , I work from a black and white tonal plan , so colour can be your own choice , just because the grass is green , you don’t have to paint it green , you are artistically free to use the colour you want to , its not an illustration , It is a painting , inspired by the view .
Some neat areas , but lots of messy stuff as well ,
I thought I would share this painting with you .

Happy Painting BEV 

October Workshop

October Workshop subject 

Watercolour on Arches 140 not paper , my paper of choice , this time we will be using pattern and shape  to show our subject , orchid , but really the painting is about pattern and shape the subject not the main player , and I change the colours to suit my taste of the day , it is not an illustration , I doubt you would find this growing in your garden , I so enjoyed painting this .
Lots of mark making , and wet into wet .

August Workshop Painting

This is my August workshop painting , Watercolour on Arches 140 not , using texture . We will have a black and white tonal image to work from , and people can use the colours I have chosen or the colours they prefer , nothing I like better than someone using their own choice of colour combination .I work from life or a photograph which ever gives me the inspiration and information , then I do a drawing , and often leave out much of what is in front of me , by the time I have done my tonal it often looks nothing like that photograph , but that’s its job , to inspire the painting , not for the painting to reproduce the photograph , no point in that , for me anyway , everyone must follow their own idea of what makes a painting , this is just my preference , it may not be everyone’s , in fact that is the great thing about art , all the different ways of using that information before you , make it your own . A messy workshop will not be for everyone .
But I am grateful to those who like to travel this messy path and paint along with myself and like minded people .
I look forward to hearing what you think . Happy Painting BEV

Sketch Book

Another page from my sketch book , getting ready for our August Workshop , Picked my subject , and decided to use part of the image only , not the whole animal as this will make a better pattern .This is my tonal plan with the texture that I plan on using in my painting .I find that working in black and white makes it easier to read the tone .The next step will be my watercolour painting using this plan as reference , not the subject photograph . I am not sure if posting my sketch book pages will be of interest , so please let me know what you think . Well on with the painting , tomorrow I think . I have my plan so lets hope it does its job . Happy Planning BEV

Black and White

I thought I would post a page from my sketch book, I always do small thumb nails to workout my pattern and composition before I start to paint . Fail to plan , Plan to fail .it took me a very long while to realise that to jump straight in without a plan ,was for me folly .Then I go to my sketchbook which is the same size as I use for my painting , using my little pot of Black watercolour paint and a couple of brushes , looking at my thumb nail I complete my plan , after this I will use this plan to paint from ,allowing me total freedom to use the colour I want to , and not the colours from my original reference , in fact I no longer need the photograph .I may refer to it if looking for details , but not to control my painting , I may as well frame the photograph if my aim is to reproduce it .I hope this post may be of interest to you . Happy Planning BEV

Cockerel Painting 

Painting trying to break the cage ,as I call it . A drawing closes the subject encouraging a fill it in type of painting , I try to break as many of these caged lines as I can , to let the image come freely from its cage .But still keeping the essence of the subject .Watercolour on Arches 140 not , I don’t know if you can see the gauze .

Happy Painting Bev 

Watercolour with texture

Enjoying adding texture to my watercolours , this time my painting idea was taken from a holiday photograph that I took last year .

I walked past this farm building every morning with my dog , although I didn’t see it quite like this , I have the photograph for reality .
Showed my husband and he replied  I like it but its a bit weird !
Anymore artists out there that relate to that answer .

When I started to paint , I always tried my hardest to copy what it was that I wanted too paint .What was in front of me , or copy the photograph
Nothing wrong with that .
But that became like  a colouring book experience , and I wanted more than that , so I started out on what I call , a messy journey .So now I have the photograph and the painting to remind me of my holiday , and I am loving every minute of this messy journey



March Workshop

Hello and welcome to my blog , I haven’t posted in a while .
I have become fed up painting flowers in the same way , so I am starting out on a new path , while still keeping to my first love , painting flowers , animals are a close second , with buildings creeping in .
I am interested in SHAPE -COLOUR – TONE and COMPOSITION. 
Here I still have recognisable , I hope flowers , with interesting shapes and texture running through the background , and this time a balanced palette .
I plan to post more often now ,new paintings and why , I welcome your opinion on this journey .

I am not interested in seeing the whole story , as in a flower has to have a leaf or a stem , it is just a shape , I can get the normal stuff from life and photographs , why try to duplicate that , I want to create something of a different view , like when looking into the flames of a fire , I see lots of dancing shapes , I try not to call them flames , that’s a normal view , see castles and rich yellows , oranges , reds , contrasted by the dark coals , or rich brown woods .
And do not get me started on clouds , you get my meaning .
That is it this time , bye for now .



Messy lilacs in Watercolour

The Lilacs in the gardens are looking lovely ,as I walk my dog in the morning, so I feel a Messy Lilac painting coming on.
So trying to photograph the lilacs at the same time as Duke (my dog)wants to sniff every inch I am standing on , i finally get some good shots .
Home and up in my art room , I think about the shapes , color , and composition .
Having decided on these , I have chosen Winsor Blue Red shade ,Winsor Violet ,Sap Green, and New Gamboge
Sorted out my approach , and here goes.

I hope you will leave me your comments , good , or bad , art is about sharing Ideas and thoughts.


  • First washes wet in wet , no drawing , yet
  • Finding shapes , if you need to draw them in do so , I have not this time .
  • Adding the flower details
  • The fun stage where I really play with my tones and messy marks , I enjoy this stage the best .