March Workshop

Hello and welcome to my blog , I haven’t posted in a while. This is my March Workshop painting.
  I have become fed up painting flowers in the same way , so I am starting out on a new path , still keeping to my first love of painting flowers , animals are a close second , with buildings creeping in .
I am interested in SHAPE – COLOUR and TONE and COMPOSITION .
Here I still have recognisable , I hope flowers , with interesting shapes and texture running through the painting .
and this time using a balanced palette .
I plan to post new work as it is painted , and welcome your opinion .

I am not interested in seeing stems , leaf , normal stuff , I can get that from life , or a photograph , I want to create something of a different view , like when I look into a fire , and don’t see flames , but imagine all sorts of other  things from the flames as they dance around , have you ever done that , or look at the clouds and make shapes .