Messy Geraniums

I love this time of the year , potting bright Geraniums always says summer time to me .
I have done this on Arches 140 not , my favourite watercolour paper to work on , using watercolour and with  splashes of gouache .
No drawing to start with just a tonal  plan , as always .
My favourite saying Fail to plan , Plan to Fail .not always , but with a plan you have some idea of where to place your paint , and what areas to leave free of paint .

Once the first washes were established , I started making small pencil marks where I wanted different elements , not draw it paint it , in fact I ignore the pencil marks more often than not , but they were a guide .

Then its the splash it and have fun time , after that its the bin or frame , this time it was a frame , but either way , the joy is in the painting , when it works out that’s a bonus .
But always a journey worth taking as you learn as much from the bin , you should see my bin .

Happy Painting Bev 


    • Bev says:

      Thank you Kay x glad you like it , painted in my own zone as you know that’s the best place to be .
      Enjoy your zone Happy Painting love Bev x

    • Bev says:

      Hi Jan , got the pots all done for summer , I love the bright happy colours of the geraniums says summer is on its way , thank you glad you like them , love Bev xx

    • Bev says:

      Hi Malcolm I miss seeing you all at our workshops as well , I will be doing them again soon , just want to find new ways to paint the subjects that I love ,
      You can always come with Pat on a Friday ? I do have a chair next to her just ket me know
      Take care x

    • Bev says:

      Hello Thelma .I hope you are well and have your ears sorted now x thank you I am glad you like my painting .Hope to do some more workshops soon , just need some time to develope my art new ways of placing the paint , have a great day , love Bev and your friday pals x

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