Shady Lady

I have called this painting Shady Lady , as a friend and Friday Class Girl Judith, posted her holiday photographs on good old face book  , I fell in love with those turquoise pots , wanted one , think I would have had to buy one , and she was photographed looking very cool in her shades and straw hat , maybe she would sample a glass of wine, and in Italy well who doesn’t like Italian Ice cream , so I thought why not do a still life painting  using Judith’s holiday photographs,  to include these items , definitely those pots , in fact I don’t think it will be my last , memory still life painting  ,as I have so enjoyed painting this . I am definitely not a neat painter but wanted some structure , I have tried to break the caged image of the subjects , but I didn’t want them to not be the colours of the holiday , so I hope that a balance has been reached  , and that it will remind Judith of her holiday . I am now thinking of a memory or two of my own holiday , how about you ?
It is Watercolour on Arches 140 not my paper of choice , please let me know what you think of this idea .
Happy Painting BEV 


  1. Lady Lesly says:

    Loose style watercolours have never been a favorite of mine but Bev. I just love your painting. The colours, the arrangement, just everything…great. Looking forward to seeing more.

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