Welcome to my third Blog
This painting is for my April Workshop
I have chosen what I think is a nice color combination , just because leaves are Green ! we do not have to paint them Green .
I took some photographs of the clematis growing in a friends garden , yes they were dark purple , I haven’t painted them that color at all .
And the paintings background certainly doesn’t look like my friends garden , the photograph did a great job of that , I don’t want to reproduce the photograph image nor the garden image , but use both to create a painting .
I use what inspires me , and work out a composition , with a tonal plan , choose my colors , and away I go .
I am lucky that the people who kindly come along to paint together , know by now , I am not going to paint in the normal expected fashion , as if, I can hear them say .
The colors I have chosen this time are :- Winsor Violet  :- Indigo :- Quinacridone Gold :- Brilliant Purple or :- Quinacridone Magenta.
I hope you like the result , and please leave me some feed back , I am new to this Blog lark , and if you think it is worth doing them I will continue to post the process of my paintings .

  • First Background Washes
  • Looking for shapes
  • Punching the negative shapes












  1. Brenda says:

    Super watercolour. I am showing my first watercolour at Lincs Gallery at the moment, have seen all your work there, beautiful.

    • Bev says:

      Hello Mamta thank you for leaving such a nice comment , hope to see you at a workshop one day .Happy Painting Bev

  2. Yvonne Bird says:

    Thank you for a wonderful painting,I would love to come to one of your workshop,next time I am back in England,but for the time being I will look forward to your blog.Thank you

  3. Judith says:

    As you know I choose colours which I find attractive together as well, not at all what I see and I wondered how you choose your palette for each painting… I do my little colour planets to get a feel for the colours… maybe that is a whole other blog for you to write!!!

    • Bev says:

      Hi Judith yes colour choices are king , I love to push the normal expectations .
      I have many many colour wheels as I call mine , like your planets , and they are all my own , I use them all the time , plus knowing how one colour will affect another , purple and gold this time , but not mud .I place different wheels at different angles to each other , I don’t stick to just the one wheel on its own . That’s it in a nutshell , but it’s more involved than that as I am sure you know , years of colour mixing and I just love it . Happy Painting Bev

    • Bev says:

      Hi Pat so glad you like it , see you soon , hope you like the idea of posting the stages I thought I would try and see if people would like the Blog .
      See you soon . Happy Painting Bev

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