Watercolour with texture

Enjoying adding texture to my watercolours , this time my painting idea was taken from a holiday photograph that I took last year .

I walked past this farm building every morning with my dog , although I didn’t see it quite like this , I have the photograph for reality .
Showed my husband and he replied  I like it but its a bit weird !
Anymore artists out there that relate to that answer .

When I started to paint , I always tried my hardest to copy what it was that I wanted too paint .What was in front of me , or copy the photograph
Nothing wrong with that .
But that became like  a colouring book experience , and I wanted more than that , so I started out on what I call , a messy journey .So now I have the photograph and the painting to remind me of my holiday , and I am loving every minute of this messy journey




    • Bev says:

      Hi Malcolm , so glad you like it , I am drawn to buildings , if there was interest we could do something like this in a workshop
      We will talk about it in the March Workshop .
      Looking forward to painting with you again
      See you soon my friend

      • Carol says:

        Wow! I love this style of painting, Bev. This is real art to me. I don’t want a photographic rendition of a building or a landscape. I can appreciate the skill of the painter who paints photographically, but it AINT ART!!! Your painting has soul. Shame most lay people don’t appreciate the difference.

        • Bev says:

          Hi Carol , thank you so much so glad you like what I am doing at the moment , you know me always searching for a new path.
          Hope to see you at workshop soon , when you are well again .
          Take care .Bev

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